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My Social Experiment – Status so far….

If you read my Blog yesterday than you know that I’m “smartphoneless”.  My smartphone stopped working and I can’t get a replacement for a couple of days. So I’ve decided to rough it and go with out one.  I’ve decided to go old school and do things that way we used to do them.

Now I didn’t just lose my smartphone… I lost my Iphone.  That’s a huge difference.  TheMissing Iphone Iphone provides so much more to its owner and therefore it’s loss, I believe, is greater than the loss of a Blackberry.  No offense.

So here we are day 3.  I had two meetings that I had to get to yesterday.  I had no idea where I was going so I went old school.  Well, not completely old school.  I used paper but it came from google maps.

So I went to my meeting and got stuck in traffic and than I got lost trying to find an alternative path.  I was half an hour late and had no way of calling my client to tell them I was going to be late.

I had to stop at a pay phone to check on voice messages.  Found I had 20 messages since the morning.  Five people thought that something was seriously wrong since I had not responded to phone calls, phone messages, emails or text.

Ran out of change calling people back.  Plus, I think I caught something using the grungiest pay phone I’ve ever seen.

But, I started to feel calmer by later in the afternoon.  I didn’t have to deal with the constant emails and phone calls. I started to lose the sense of urgency.

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2 Responses to My Social Experiment – Status so far….

  1. Arif JafferArif Jaffer says:

    I know the exact feeling. I went ‘smartphoneless’ on my last vacation. First two days, I had serious withdrawal. Things like checking to see if my phone was in pocket or trying to check something only to realize I can’t. Eventually, it got better and I began missing my smartphone less and less. It was a nice vacation without the phone, but definitely not something I could go without on a permanent basis.

    • Rob Salerno says:

      Oh… Yeah I forgot to mention that.. I’m constantly checking my pockets for my phone and every time I hear a buzz or a ring I reach into my pocket… Man, what a junkie I am….

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