Office 365 mail servers on Spam Blacklists?

Since we’ve been migrating companies off IBM Lotus Domino we made the decision a couple of years ago to migrate ourselves.  We decided that we no longer wanted to host our own mail servers.  Why should we.  The cost of a cloud based email provider was so cheap..

I’ve long suspected that some of my mail was not being delivered to clients.  Most anti-spam products silently delete mail.  The recipient doesn’t get it and the sender doesn’t get notified.  But I ...

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Migrations Migrations Migrations…

Damn. Its been a while since I blogged. Rivit has been really busy the last couple of months.

Our core focus is now Migration. Migrating people from one platform to another.  Typically we are seeing IBM Lotus Domino clients moving their mail or applications to another platform.  However, we also see companies moving between archiving products.  But We’ll talk about archiving migrations in a later blog.

We see numerous IBM clients that have made the management decision to migrate.  We get the ...

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Connect 2013 – General Observations

I’ve attend every Lotusphere since 1995.  I’ve been a vendor for 15 of those years.  The last few years we’ve questioned the return on our investment as we saw Domino losing Market share   With this years change in direction we, like most of the community, were very skeptical about the show.    Last minute planning and some aggressive pushing from IBM got us to attend as attendee’s.  We didn’t go as a vendor.

For the first time in a long time I ...

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Synchronizing Contacts with iNotes

We have a number of clients who have been reducing their notes client footprint the last couple of years.  iNotes has become a great alternative for the notes client.  Highly functional, providing as near to the notes client experience as you can get.

We also have some clients who use it as an alternative for accessing mail.  It’s the “Travelling Persons” email client.  Easy to access from a hotel or internet cafe.  However, they always come back with the same question:

“How ...

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So maybe Domino isn’t dead yet…

Since becoming Rivit we’ve been focused more and more on the transition of our clients away from Domino or the notes client.  We’ve been working with Binary Tree (BTW. great people and great software – on migrating email and working with our friends at DLI to move Domino Applications to a browser based domino framework using DOCOVA (

However since November we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Domino World.  Especially on our product side.   We saw a huge uptake ...

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Setting up Sharepoint Foundations on your own workstation

We’ve been doing more and more work on SharePoint these days.  It’s not as nice as Domino.  It requires more effort to develop applications.  The simple things that we take for granted in Domino require some work.  But, once you get started working with it you can see why companies like it.   A lot of our client base has started to develop applications in Sharepoint or they are moving their Mission Critical Domino Applications over.

The nice thing about the Domino development environment ...

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Lotusphere 2012 is officially open and Rivit is here!

Lotusphere 2012 is open and Rivit Technology Partner is an Exhibitor.  Following on a fantastic 2011, Rivit is announcing our new DCOM – Domino Application Archiving product, and it is making waves!

We are also demonstrating our Enforcer and Pursuit products which provide Email Risk Management and Archiving.

Come by booth 201 and see a demo.  If you can’t make it book and attend a demo we will send you an itunes ...

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The move towards a Tablet world

Back in 1997 Lotus introduced Kona. Kona was a set of javabean based applets intended to help reduce the cost of developing and deploying business application on the internet. This would later evolve into Lotus E-suite. E-suite was billed as a way of providing users with the software that they needed when they needed it. IBM would later try to sell Network Workstations with E-suite. ...

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Moneyball – The drive for using Statistics… Can the same idea improve Domino?

I just finished reading the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis. Moneyball tells the story of the Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane and his approach to putting a ball team together. Saddled with the problem of having no money, Billy breaks conventional wisdom and begins to put a ball team together using undervalued players with certain characteristics.

Using new statistical data he finds that offense is better then defense.  So he now starts looking at people who have better offense numbers. ...

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Huge Domino Loss – Sales force lands $28M GSA-wide cloud contract

Sales force has just landed a huge deal.  The US General Services Administration will be moving its 17000 employees to the development Platform and chatter collaboration suite.  The agency will move applications built in IBM Lotus Domino and then retire Domino.

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