I started working with Office 2013 a few months back.  Really hate the recent interface design changes that seem to be sweeping the current IT world.  I find the minimalist presentation a little too bright and it actually makes things a little to difficult to find on the screen.

Doubleclick doesn't open excel spreadsheets anymore

Doubleclick doesn’t open excel spreadsheets anymore

Recently I ran into a problem where doubleclicking on an excel file in the file system no longer opened the file in Excel.  Excel opened but would just give me a blank screen.  I looked through numerous settings and could resolve it.  I then did went to google and searched on it and I found a number of references to the issue.  Registry updates, Reinstall, Microsoft automated fix script, etc… None of them worked.

But I didn’t try the obvious.  Like numerous techies I’m looking for the complex solution to solve a problem.  The answer was:

  1. Open control Panel
  2. Click on uninstall program
  3. Click on Office 2013 (Office 365 in my case).
  4. Click on Change
  5. Click on fix online.

The program churned away for a bit.  When it stopped I now had a working computer again.  Duh.

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lyncEver since I upgraded to Mavericks I’ve been having a problem with Lync 2011 crashing.  It seems to happen most often when my macbook pro goes to sleep.  However it will also happen  during a lync call or a lync screen sharing.  I’ve gone through the normal upgrade steps with no success.  Recently I did a complete clean reinstall by doing the following steps:

1.  Use the following technote from Microsoft to delete LYNC from your MAC

2.  Deleting the  OC__KeyContainer__<e-mail> in your key chain doesn’t actually delete the keychain file.  You need to delete the physical remnants as well or else Lync will keep asking for the password when you complete your install.  So delete the OC__KeyContainer__<e-mail> file found in the userid/Library/Keychains folder.

3.  Download the latest version of Lync for MAC 2011 – Best way to do this is to search for it.  I used the search terms. “Lync for MAC 2011 download” as my terms.  Today it will take you to this file.

4.  Install it and configure with all your info.

5.  Last step is to allow Lync to trust the certificate.  You’ll keep getting a warning to trust the certificate returned by the LYNC site.  When you get this message make sure that you change the action to “trust this certificate”

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So for the first time since 1996 I did not attend Lotusphere.  Yup, this year was a no show for Rivit.  Last year we questioned the value of attending but IBM asked us to attend.  This year we looked at the value of the show and decided that we could use our marketing dollars elsewhere.

I tried to stay away from reading up on the show activity only cause I thought I’d feel like I missed out.  I read Wild Bill’s update this morning and got the sense that my decision was a right one.

But I can tell you one thing for show… I sure missed the people….



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