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Interested in solving your problems with Rivit?

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Interested in solving your problems with Rivit?

Domino Services

With the largest team of Notes Domino experts in North America, we have the experience and expertise to help you through the most challenging situations.

We have specialized in the Notes Domino platform for the past 25 years; Initially as metalogic Consulting, and for the past 12 years as Rivit Technology Partners.  As a premier HCL Domino partner with the largest team of Domino experts in North America, our extensive experience managing and maintaining complex Notes Domino environments and applications can help you maintain a robust collaborative environment while exploring the new features of the platform.

Infrastructure Support Services

Our Infrastructure Support Services are designed to ensure a robust mail and/or application infrastructure, while minimizing support costs. Whether you need assistance with daily administration of the environment or have specific tasks or projects that require an experienced professional, Rivit’s flexible cost-effective support options and best practices will help you get the most out of your environment. 

Version Upgrades

With the announcement of end of life for Domino v9.0.x and v10.0.x by HCL, it might be time to start planning your version upgrade to stay up-to-date with current standards. Our professionals can assist you through the architecture and planning phases, readiness assessments, execution, and deployment to ensure a seamless transition.

Domino Application Development Services

Rivit has built and supported countless corporate applications throughout our history.  If you’re looking for help maintaining, web enabling or migrating your current applications or are looking to build new applications on Domino, we have the expertise to help.  We offer fixed cost development projects or resource augmentations to your existing projects and teams.

Platform Migrations

Rivit has specialized in migrations from Notes Domino platform for the past 12 years.   Our experienced professionals will ensure a smooth transition using industry-leading solutions and best practices for both email and applications.

Talk to the Experts

At Rivit, we have the largest team of expert resources to help in just about any capacity. If you’re looking for help on a project or just need assistance addressing an issue, reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to assist you. If we can’t help you, we’ll work with HCL and make sure you’re looked after.

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