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Interested in solving your problems with Rivit?


When it comes to migrating Notes Domino applications, organizations need to have a clear understanding of their starting point.

What is AppAnalyzer?

AppAnalyzer is a no-cost solution that provides comprehensive insights into an organization’s Notes Domino applications including detailed statistics on user access, database reads and writes, code elements, database size, document counts, templates, creation date and last design change date.  With AppAnalyzer, you can create a foundation for a successful migration.

Application Inventory

Notes Domino was initially promoted as a citizen development platform, so it’s not uncommon for organizations to have more applications in use than originally estimated. AppAnalyzer search’s all Domino servers in your organization’s environment to ensure an accurate inventory of every database that exists.  An entry record for each Notes Domino Application is created in the results console and includes the results of the usage statistics and code analysis. 

Usage Statistics

Assessing the usage statistics of Domino applications is critical in determining the importance of the application to the organization.  AppAnalyzer will identify which applications are in use, how often they are being used, and who the users are.   This insight will help you communicate with application owners during the migration while also identifying applications that provide little to no value, enabling you to archive them to reduce the migration effort.

Application Complexity

Determining the code volume and complexity of each application is critical to creating an effective migration strategy for the applications.  AppAnalyzer analyzes the code attributes of Domino applications including views, forms, sub-forms, agents, types of script libraries, actions, document links, and interdependencies so you can begin to identify potential migration paths and understand the potential effort for each.

Migration Planning

AppAnalyzer categorizes applications by complexity and aligns applications to your target platforms, helping you create a tailored and efficient migration plan. AppAnalyzer also provides for the documentation of your migration decisions with the ability to manage the migration plan from a web based migration management application.

Download AppAnalyzer for free and start preparing for a complete and cost-effective migration of every Notes Domino application in your organization. 

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