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Interested in solving your problems with Rivit?


The most complete solution for archiving legacy Notes Domino applications.

Archiving Notes Domino Applications is the most effective way to reduce your migration project scope while avoiding the risk associated with discarding data. Dcom transitions applications from the Notes Domino platform to intuitive user accessible archives, converting the Notes documents to pdf while maintaining the original views, security, attachments, and database links.

The Easiest Part of Your Migration from Notes Domino

Migrations can be a difficult change with many complex tasks to manage. That’s why we made Dcom straightforward and easy to use for everyone including the administrator responsible for the archiving process and the end user searching familiar legacy applications for important data.

Streamlined Archiving Process

Simply choose the Notes Domino application and views you want to archive from the application list in the archiving utility, and in just minutes, the original database is moved to the Dcom for easy user access.

Conversion of Documents to PDF/PDFA

During the archive process, all of the Notes documents are converted to PDF/PDFA format, preserving the original documents in the industry accepted standard. 

Seamless Intuitive User Access

The look and feel of the archived applications reflect the Notes Domino views so users can easily access and use the archive databases without any assistance or training.

Compliance and Security

One of the highlights of Domino was the ability to protect sensitive information through application and document level access security.  Dcom imports the Notes Address Book and automatically maintains the access controls for every archived application, ensuring users can only view information they are approved to.


The entire archive repository is indexed to provide full filtering and discovery capabilities within a single, multiple, or all application databases making it easy to find and manage information quickly and easily.

Microsoft Integration

Dcom integrates with Outlook, so users have the option to access archives directly from their mail client. Dcom also integrates with Active Directory and supports Single Sign-on.

Complete Information Package

Dcom also carries forward the embedded attachments, document links and database links, ensuring that all the relevant data is centrally maintained and accessible.

Archive Administration

Dcom is securely configured and maintained in a central administrative area where new users can be added and their database and document access controlled.  

Enterprise Technology Standards

Dcom is highly scalable with enterprise-ready features, including high availability, clustering, and load balancing. SQL is used to maintain all page indexes, user and group information, and access control information. PHP is used to manage authentication and application authorization and provides all session management and administrative functions. Apache web server provides the delivery engine for the XML views, XML documents, and access to the document repository.

Archiving Legacy Domino applications is the most cost effective way to jump start a migration from the Notes Domino platform.

Dcom transitions Domino applications to web-based, easy-to-access, end user archives.

Dcom is the superior choice for businesses looking to archive legacy HCL Notes Domino applications. Book a demo and see for yourself!

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