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June 3, 2021

The Leading Application Archiving Tool, DCOM is Celebrating 10 Years!

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Rivit Technology Partners Inc.

The leading Application Archiving Tool, Dcom is celebrating Ten years!

Wow… it’s been 10 years since Rivit introduced its first Notes application migration solution – Dcom.


Ten years ago, Rivit emerged from a Domino services and solutions company to one focused on helping our clients migrate their Notes Email and applications. Working alongside our clients, it became evident that the sheer number of applications and amount of data to migrate was concerning. What became clear almost immediately was a requirement to not only scale down the number of applications to migrate, but also have a way to offload non-critical applications to an alternative low-cost archiving solution where users could still get to legacy applications and corresponding data quickly, and at little effort to the enterprise.

Rivit was in a unique position to solve the issue. Our former organization, metalogic, had built and delivered to the market a suite of Notes email management solutions. We had a dedicated team of archiving specialists ready to take action.

With our team refocused, we created a list of principles that would guide the creation of Dcom and would eventually lead to our full migration solution for Notes applications, Revive.  It was decided that companies shouldn’t have to halt day-to-day IT operations to facilitate the deprecation of the Notes environment or be boxed into a new platform.  So the 5 core prerequisites for our migration solutions included:

1. Opensource Technologies that did not include additional licensing concerns.

2. Migration utilities that did most, if not all, of the heavy lifting.

3. Support for both Windows and Linux.

4. Support of Notes views so that users wouldn’t require training.

5. Support of the existing Domino Security so IT administrators weren’t burdened with excessive deployment and configuration effort.

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